Atlanta-born artist, Abigail M. Price, designs and creates multi-media sets, props, and costumes that are photographed, shown in installations, or in hand crafted Artist Books that create an immersive experience to explore the creation and destruction throughout history and everyday life.  She is currently based out of Atlanta, working on her BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  She plans to continue her personal practice in Atlanta after her graduation in July 2021.  
    Her work implores the viewers to question their morals and accept the endings that come with life and appreciate the new, the old, and the endings of life.  She specifically focuses on females and the nurturing but melancholic nature they provide for humanity.  Overall she wants her viewers to question and adjust their mindset on happiness by exploring the positive side of the downfalls of life, even if she gets a bit “not so serious” sometimes with her approach.
Her work has been published in the School of the Art Institute’s Spring 2020 Photo Department Catalog and shown at the BFA exhibition at the SAIC galleries in Chicago, Illinois.  

Abigail M. Price, "Self-Portrait",  October 13th, 2020, Chicago, Illinois (Digital)

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